Indo-Pak , 2016

Imagine a mother giving birth to a child. Now the child grows up not in the ideal way and turns out to be a lover of indiscipline.He makes friends with criminals and absorb everything negative from them.
He hits his mother, abuses her in every possible way and even refuses to acknowledge that he is from the same mother or that he is from her blood.

The mother on the other hand, though understands his child’s every wrongdoing, cannot do much because, hey, she’s the mother and hitting his child back with same intensity would hurt her too. She can’t afford to drop to such low level. She is the mother and hence, though in pain, still tries to make her son understand the consequences of keeping a bad company.

This is what best describes today’s scenario of INDIA and Pakistan in my words.

People from both India and Pakistan can feel a growing tension between the two countries

Though there are several options available to India to deal with her child, going for a war is the worst among all. We must remember that construction of the fastest growing economy  of the world (India) takes a lot of time but destruction would be much easy as it happens in no time. The Indian government has reciprocated the URI attack by a surgical strike in PoK but it should stop there. Indian people is not ready to face the consequences of a major war. Rather India should try to isolate Pak diplomatically at international level which might bear more fruit.